ABC Challenge: O is for… Ombré nails

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So it’s time for the ABC challenge again. My letter O is for… ombré nails! Some of you might know this as gradient manicure. This is one way you could do it, on your whole hand instead of on each nail (like this). I used five nail polishes from Royal Effem; at first I meant to see just how they were and swatch them on, but then I liked how they looked together and kept it as a manicure. It’s an Italian brand which retails at around € 8-10 for a 9 ml bottle, but there are often discounts in some stores and I stocked up as many products and colours as I could (You saw many of those in my very first post. Yes, I bought them all myself, I am not sponsored nor affiliated with the brand. They never even replied to my email to know if those colours are limited editions 🙁 so I can’t tell if they are easily available or not).

Their nail polish does not contain any formaldeide, toluene, DBP nor camphor, and it’s safe to use when pregnant. It contains ceramic nanoparticles for long-lasting, glossy colors. It’s liquid but very pigmented, which made me love it: two coats are more than perfect, and some colours could go with just one coat. The brush is wide for an easy application, and takes the right amount of polish. Durability is nice, so overall I’m very satisfied with these polishes.

Royal Effem almost nude gradient nails

Royal Effem almost nude gradient nails

What I used:

Royal Effem almost nude gradient nail polish colours

  • Thumb: Royal Effem nail enamel no. 189, an intense dark pink, almost berry shade
  • Index finger: Royal Effem no. 056, a café-au-lait nude
  • Middle finger: Royal Effem no. 190, a nice mauve
  • Ring finger: Royal Effem no. 159, a warm sheer pink perfect for french manicures
  • Little finger: Royal Effem no. 165, a cold sheer pink for french manicures

Swatches below. All pictures were taken indoor, in natural light (as usual, click any picture to enlarge it).

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