ABC challenge: R is for… Revealing technique!

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For the letter R of the ABC challenge I’d like to show you the revealing technique to bring out the “true beauty” of some nail polishes. It’s not my invention, I read it on this french blog, but I thought it needed a nice quick name (and a translation :). I don’t know if that girl invented it, but she doesn’t cite any source and a web search didn’t bring up anything else.

So what is this revealing technique, exactly? It’s easy. Some dark nail polishes have small glitter or shimmer particles which drown in the base colour; this technique brings them out to shine.

How to do it?
1. Apply nail polish as usual and let it dry. It’s better to give two coats even for nail polish that could get away with one.
2. Dip a brush in acetone or nail polish remover and gently go over the polish, without insisting on particular areas or applying too much force. Instead of the brush, you could use cotton or cotton buds, but use quality ones that won’t leave cotton flakes.
Do not use too much acetone/remover or it will take away the colour in some spots.
3. Let the polish dry again (the remover makes it sticky), if you want seal it with top coat and you’re good to to!

I tried this with TE Essence Breaking Dawn 04 Edward’s Love, which looked a little dull. Of course, this technique does not change the colour completely but still it makes a difference; I hope you can tell from the pictures. My index and ring fingers show the revealing technique, while my middle and pinkie finger just have the original nail polish.

If you have flat nail beds, you can make them look more curved if you use this technique on the center of the nails, leaving the sides darker.

What do you think? I want to test it with some other colours 🙂

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