ABC Challenge: S is for DIY nail stickers and nail polish strips

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For the letter S of the ABC challenge I’m showing you how to make DIY nail stickers and nail polish strips. This makes it easy to create nail arts on your dominant hand, do someone else’s nails or just prepare some nail designs when you have the time and use them later.

You will need: clear nail polish or a base/top coat, nail polish and brushes depending on your designs, a surface to paint on. I think it’s best to use parchment paper (bakery paper) because it’s easier to remove the stickers, but also some plastic sheets and bags will work (not saran wrap as it tends to move and wrinkle when you paint on it).


1. Paint a generous coat of clear nail polish on the bakery paper, to create a base for your sticker. Let it dry.

2. Create designs on it with nail polish, and eventually when dry apply another coat of clear polish.
If you want to make nail polish strips you can paint a large square or rectangle with nail polish, or paint 10 separate little squares /ovals which fit the shape of your nails.
To make stripes, you can paint a rectangle and cut stripes with scissors.


3. When you’re ready to apply a sticker, gently peel it off the paper and press it on your nails to smooth out wrinkles. Be careful not to let it fold as it will be impossible to flatten again. Seal with top coat and you’re done!




Now that I think of it, there’s also a decal paper which can be printed directly with a printer, but it’s more expensive and needs to be sealed with a special spray. Of course, you don’t need any drawing skills with it. I could not find this kind of paper at reasonable prices so I have not tried it personally, but blogger D.I.A.N.A. uses it a lot.

And now check out what the challenge girls did here:

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