ABC challenge: V for… Velvet nails

Vai al post in italianoHi! My letter V of the ABC challenge is for… Velvet nails! But since it’s holiday season, I’ve used flocking powder to create snow. It’s my first attempt at velvet manicures, actually; you just need to paint your nails a base colour which matches your flocking powder, before it’s dry dip a finger into the powder and brush off the excess. Do not use top coat on the powder!

I used: Rimmel London Pro 431 Stormy Skies, Essence 58 Frozen Queen and H&M Snow White, Essence Volumizing lash powder (lol, found good use to it – I don’t like volume in my lashes), Viva La Nails X-007 and X-008 water decals, X-019 stickers.

To use water decals simply cut them out, slide the transparent paper and put the decal into the water for 15 seconds or until it easily slides off the backing. Of course seal with top coat after placing on the nail.

I’m very happy with those nail decals, I’m a bit short of time lately and they’re very detailed. I can’t say I liked X-019 instead: it looks really thick and some corners just won’t stick to the nails. It’s weird and I think it’s just this one sticker, as I haven’t had a problem with those butterflies, for example.


So this is the final design; sorry but the pictures aren’t the greatest. What do you think? I think I’m falling for velvet manis 🙂




My fellow challenge girls are here below!

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