Essence and Catrice discontinued products (february 2013)

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As February is approaching, we need to say goodbye to some Essence and Catrice products to make room for the new range. Let’s take a closer look at the discontinued products first, shall we?

Essence‘s discontinued range (click to enlarge)








Catrice discontinued range is here on the official website. They are discontinuing ALL their nail polishes: a new formula or packaging, maybe?
Update: the current catrice nail polish range is being discontinued; the new colours will have a different formula, same bottle (not any taller or shorter) with a new brush. These 13 current colours will remain in their new range, all the others are new (sources: catrice website and official facebook page).

So, are you stocking up on anything before it’s too late?

P.S.: don’t forget to check the new range for both Essence and Catrice.

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    1. Valentina - Nail Polish Army

      They did mark their nail polish line as discontinued, but as this caused quite a stir they removed the polishes from the discontinued list and announced a change in packaging. So the polishes as we know them will be discontinued; we’ll see if this also means sales.

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