Goodbye Google Reader! Where to find me now

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If you’re like me, you read hundreds of blogs and sites with a useful aggregator called RSS feed reader. Today, however, is the last day before Google Reader shuts down, so make sure to export your subscriptions if you haven’t already.
But what now?

Happy Retirement Google Reader

Image source: Feedly

Don’t worry, there are many ways to follow your favourite blogs.
If you want something with a similar look to Google Reader, I suggest Feedly or The Old Reader. If you’re a bit more social, Bloglovin’ seems to be the popular choice. Networkedblogs is a less widespread alternative; I’m there as well.

Of course, you can always follow me through your social networks: Facebook is by far my favourite and it’s where I post bits of information, share news and other bits that won’t make a full blog post. If you’re one of the few who actually like Google+, please join me there and tell me what’s your secret. I also have a new Twitter where I’ll share my posts and thoughts.
I love Pinterest but I don’t share every single post. News, hauls etc. seldom have a place in my boards.
Last but not least, there’s always the chance to follow me by email and get new posts delivered to your inbox: the subscribe box is here in the side column.

I think that’s all. Let me know if I missed anything, and also link your social networks, I’ll be happy to check you out!

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