Holothon: holographic silver-blue gradient skittle

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I just could not decide what to pick for today’s Holothon, so I picked 5 instead. They are, from thumb to little finger: Layla hologram effect 01 Mercury Twilight, Pupa holographic nail polish 033, Layla hologram effect 06 Mermaid Spell, 07 Ocean Rush, Pupa holographic nail polish 034.







The Pupa ones were easy to apply even without a specific base, while the Layla ones have a very thin formula and it’s easy to drag the polish away in some spots. However, the linear holographic effect is stronger for Layla, it was present even in the shade (see picture below) and under artificial light. Pupa holographic nail polish 033 (index finger) and Layla hologram effect 06 Mermaid Spell (middle finger) have a very similar colour and they are almost dupes but not 100% because of these differences in application and holographic effect. The Layla is sliiiightly greener as well. It’s up to you to say if you need both or not; do you?


2 thoughts on “Holothon: holographic silver-blue gradient skittle

  1. queenmisery

    C’è sempre bisogno di holo, anche se sono 99,9% fratelli!
    Che bella idea la skittle gradient, 5 is megl’ che one… E poi siamo sul blu…. <3


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