How to remove glitter nail polish in seconds: white glue vs Essence peel off base coat

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For the letter Q of the ABC challenge I chose the Essence Evil Queen special effect topper, violet hex glitter in a clear base, from the Snow White LE. As a base I used Catrice 150 Big Spender Wanted!, a nice intense pink with subtle gold shimmer (discontinued, I think).

I really didn’t like how it turned out and I took the opportunity to compare Essence peel off base coat with white glue. My fellow challenge girls will know what I’m talking about, but not every girl knows that she can enjoy her dose of glitters 😀

How to easily remove glitter polish without going crazy?
1. First, paint your nails with a coat of white glue. Yes, the one you used at school, PVA glue, Elmer’s, that one. No it’s not toxic, remember you used to play with it? Alternatively you can use Essence peel off base coat (which is PVA plus some other ingredients). It will look white at first:

2. But then it dries clear:

3. Paint nail polish as usual:

4. Don’t worry, it does last quite long. However, try not to soak your hands in water for too long. When you want to remove the nail polish, just gently lift an edge and it will peel off. You can use a cuticle stick if necessary.

5. Done!

I don’t recommend using Essenge peel off base because when I take it off, it removes parts of my nail layers, leaving horrible ridges. This one is from some time ago and it’s still noticeable:

From what I read the damage happens only to some people, some girls are ok with it. The Essence base coat is also harder to remove and tends to come off in small pieces. I have not had any of those problems with regular white glue, and it’s even cheaper so I suggest you try it.

Tip 1: if the white glue is too thick, you can add a bit of water to it.
Tip 2: you can use a regular arts brush for the glue, or put it in an empty polish bottle if you have one.

Enjoy your glitters, but take a look at what the other girls did for this difficult letter!

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