Kiko Sugar Mat 640 Poppy Red: swatches and new brush

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Kiko just came out with two new limited edition nail polish lines, in store since yesterday (in Italy): Mirror and Sugar Mat Nail Lacquers. These latter are 16 shades of “textured sand effect nail polish with full, pearly or glittery colours in a mat finish”, “as though sprinkled with grains of sugar” when dry. They follow the trend of textured nail polish which is very popular with famous overseas brands (O.P.I. liquid sand, Zoya pixie dust, China Glaze texture etc.). I’m showing you Kiko 640 Poppy Red, which is actually more orange than red if you ask me. (artificial light, click to enlarge)





What you see are two coats without top coat. Drying time is average, but I suggest you not to try a single thick coat. It’s full of such shiny glitter particles which mask the slightly VNL, but also at the same time reduce the effect of the matte and sand finish. It’s only slightly gritty to the touch, as it happens also with some glitter polish, but not uncomfortable. The formula is big-5 free. The cap is slightly gritty as well, to match the 3d finish of the polish. Not only is the nail polish new, but also the brush is different from Kiko’s so far. Until the winter limited edition Dashing Holidays it was like the blue one in the pitcture, while the sugar mat brushes are fuller and thicker. Sadly, as you can see, the bristles tend to open like a fan at the end, causing a less precise application near the cuticles. Only sugar mat nail lacquers have this brush, the Mirrors and the Colours of the world collection have the regular one.



I can’t express myself on longevity and removal yet (but it’s not a painful removal apparently). Update: I started getting tipwear and chipping on the third day, but it may last longer if you avoid really hot water etc.. After a very hot bath the surface looked a bit consumed and felt flatter. Anyway it doesn’t sound bad at all, for a polish without top coat. Removal is also easy, not like glitters. I think it’s a nice polish overall, but in real life the sand effect is suffocated by this shower of glitters, and nobody will be able to see it. Price is €/£ 4,90 but there’s 20% off everything until 3rd March.

I also swatched sugar mat 641 strawberry pink and 646 starry black.

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