Layla No Lamp Gel Polish review & swatch

After extensive testing of the new Layla No Lamp gel polish I’d like to share my opinion and a couple of swatches with you. But first, what is it, exactly?
In Layla’s words it’s a gel polish that cures without any lamp, does not need files, buffers nor cleaners and lasts 10 days. Sound like a lot to promise, but as usual Layla does not disappoint.
Let’s see what was my experience but first, some pictures of the #laylabeautyevent.

Dopo vari test dei nuovi Layla No Lamp gel polish vorrei farvi sapere cosa ne penso e mostrare un paio di swatch. Ma per prima cosa, cosa sono di preciso?
Layla ci dice che “NO LAMP GEL POLISH E’ uno smalto semipermanente ibrido che non necessita della Lampada UV,ma asciuga velocemente all’aria.
NO LAMP GEL non necessita di Buffer o lime. non richiede sgrassanti o solventi per la rimozione, ma si rimuove con del semplice acetone.
3 Prodotti che vi garantiscono una durata di 10 giorni di manicure perfettamente lucida, unghie levigate e senza sbeccature!”
Vediamo insieme come mi sono trovata, dopo qualche foto del #laylabeautyevent.

Review and swatches on the next pages!

Review e swatch nelle prossime pagine!

2 thoughts on “Layla No Lamp Gel Polish review & swatch

  1. Polish Perfect

    I try to avoid UV lamp exposure as much as possible. I often use gel polishes without the lamp but when I can’t avoid I put on a protective glove. Gel polishes without lamps aren’t durable as much as I wanted but that’s the price I’m willing to pay.

    1. Valentina NailPolishArmy Post author

      I don’t think it’s advisable to wear gel polishes without curing, unless they are meant to be used like that. It could cause skin and nail reactions. On the other hand, UV rays are harmful as well so gloves are definitely to be considered (or an LED lamp!)


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