New Essence stamping image plates for 2013 + my shopping

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Yesterday I went shopping to look for Catrice and Essence sales, and I also found two new Essence stampy designs, their image plates. They can’t be seen on the official website, but the German official facebook page posted this look with one of them a few days ago. I found these two, both numbered 01 have fun!, yesterday in Milan (click to enlarge):

As usual, nice but really small patterns (the squares in the second one are reeeally tiny!). Retail price is € 1,79 for Italy but may vary in other countries.

I also tried to take pictures of what I bought yesterday: some discontinued Essence and Catrice nail polish and make up, Yamamay nail polish, Gosh illuminating pearls and eye pencil, L’Occitane en provence hand cream thanks to an Italian l’occitane facebook promo I shared on my fb page.




At last! Yes, my kitty is very supportive of whatever I do! 🙂

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  1. Tasha

    Cute cat 😀 it’s like, ‘i don’t care what you’re doing. i’m sitting here’


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