Polish wars: China Glaze Texture Itty, Bitty & Gritty vs. Kiko Sugar Mat 641 Strawberry Pink

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As most of my sand effect nail polishes are pinks, I’d like to compare two of them: China Glaze Texture Itty, Bitty & Gritty and Kiko Sugar Mat 641 Rosa Fragola / Strawberry Pink. I swatched the Kiko here, so let’s see the China Glaze:



And comparison:




As you can see, they are not dupes. The China Glaze is more peachy toned while the Kiko is a colder and glittery pink. Kiko is € 4,90 for 11 ml, China Glaze is bigger (14 ml) and may or may not be easy and cheap to get, depending on where you live. The China Glaze feels slightly rougher than the Kiko (and way grittier than the Kikos without shimmer), but this doesn’t translate into durability as it chipped on the first day. Removal is equally easy for both, so all things considered I prefer the Kiko because it lasts longer and starts to chip after 3 or 4 days (not bad for a polish without top coat!).

5 thoughts on “Polish wars: China Glaze Texture Itty, Bitty & Gritty vs. Kiko Sugar Mat 641 Strawberry Pink

  1. Red Frog

    Both are gorgeous and so fresh but the Kiko is more interesting with this subtle shimmer…I love them <3 Should make a list of sand Kikos for a new swap lol:))))

  2. aliceinwondernails

    Non l’avrei mai detto, ma decisamente meglio il Kiko, questi smalti sabbiati li preferisco glitterosi, altrimenti sembra proprio di avere della carta vetrata sulle unghie 😛
    Grazie per il commento sul mio post!

    1. Valentina - Nail Polish Army

      Ahah ti dirò, a me l’effetto carta vetrata non dispiace ma deve essere fatto bene. I kiko senza glitter fanno giusto qualche granellino ruvido qui e là e mi ricordano le bolle dello smalto asciugato male, mentre i CG sono ruvidi “in modo uniforme”. Però non durano..
      Figurati 🙂

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