Shaka Chameleon: new duochrome limited edition, swatches and comparison (dupe alert!)

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Italian brand Shaka released a new duochrome collection, which should be called Chameleon. It’s not on their website yet, and so far 5 shades have been spotted.

(Thanks to Coffee & Nails for this picture!)
CH1 is yet another Chanel Peridot dupe; CH2 Purple is shown below, CH3 and CH5 are blue tones and CH4 is a light blue. These last three look only iridescent, not real duochromes.

I have Shaka CH2 Purple, which I compare with Debby Colorplay Chameleon 231 Violet Chrome (previously seen in this post). Can you tell which is which?

Shade, click to enlarge:




Well, if you couldn’t tell the difference, it’s because there isn’t any: they are perfect dupes, so you definitely don’t need both. I have Shaka on my thumb, middle and pinkie finger, and Debbie on my index and ring finger; two coats each.

Artificial light:


Direct sunlight, Shaka CH2, one coat:


As soon as I get official news on this Shaka collection I’ll update the post; in the meanwhile I’m sharing pictures, news and promotions on my facebook page.

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