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The Rainbow Ladies: Violet

Vai al post in italiano

It’s the Rainbow Ladies’ time again! I’m sure violet will be much more loved than poor indigo. I used Catrice 110 Poison Me, Poison You! as my base colour, on which I painted a bow. It’s my first attempt with my new set of acrylic colours, so be nice please :). It would have been so much easier if the set had all three primary colours in it, but for € 2,50/set of 12 colours I guess I can’t complain. Continue reading

ABC Challenge: P is for… Party nails!

Vai al post in italiano For the letter P of the ABC challenge I wanted to use micropearls, microbeads, steel balls or any other name for caviar manicure beads, but my order from MUA is still being processed. I’ll show you their nail constellations soon, I hope.
So today P is for party nails! Continue reading