The Rainbow Ladies: Yellow

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Something went wrong with the scheduled post and I’m here now writing in the middle of the night. For the rainbow yellow I chose H&M lemon tree, which I used for a little experiment. I had seen some chinese websites selling nail polish shields or manicure protectors, that is some pink plastic clips to protect your nail polish while it dries. I really liked the idea, as I have an hard time staying still and waiting for my polish to dry. They are relatively cheap (less than € 2 including shipping), so I just had to try them. I’m not really satisfied though: yellow is not an easy colour, but still the clips are quite bulky on your fingers and force you to paint your nails at weird angles. The clips really felt uncomfortable and I took them off before the last coat. Nice idea, but not so nice clips; close but no cigar.
I’ll leave you to the pictures; what do you think of manicure protectors? And what about yellow polish?

Kisses from Barcelona! (What a lovely weather, so nice and warm even in the winter!)






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