Twinsie Friday duochromes: Chanel Azuré vs. Sinful Colors Gorgeous comparison

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Good evening! Today I have a comparison between Chanel 657 Azuré and Sinful Colors 804 293 Gorgeous. Are they dupes?
Let’s play a little game. I can already feel you tickling in excitement! Can you tell which is which? (Click on any picture to enlarge)

You couldn’t, could you? All pictures in this post are two coats of Azuré on my index and ring finger and two coats of Sinful Colors on middle and pinkie finger. In bright natural or artificial light, and/or if you look at them straight on, they have the same duochrome shift. However, in the shade or at an angle, Azuré shifts more towards dark blue than Gorgeous. You can clearly see how blue the Chanel gets in the last picture.

So are they dupes? Well, I guess it depends on how you define dupes. Most people certainly won’t need both, and also wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if only one of the two was on the nails. However, most polishaholics will see a difference, and I can say they are dupes in bright light but not in the shade if you have a trained eye, because the colour shift is not exactly the same. It’s a pretty good alternative, let me say it.

A couple of experiments worth noting: layering Gorgeous over a dark blue base made it show the same deep blue Chanel has, but at the same time it brought out a green hue in bright light, which Azuré doesn’t show. A creme black base was too harsh for the Sinful Colors, and enhanced that green hue. Anyway, for you layering fans, you might find the combinations to make them exactly the same in every light. I’m sure it exists!
Chanel Azuré has also been compared to China Glaze Deviantly Daring, which is a close match, however slightly darker. China Glaze Deviantly Daring and Sinful Colors Gorgeous are the closest to dupes that Azuré has at the moment.

I hope this post was useful. Please let me know what do you think, and if you like this layout for pictures. I prefer this when I have many pictures in a single post and the “regular” one if I have only a few, but it’s your opinion that matters 🙂

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