Twinsie Friday duochromes: YamamaY 10 Viola Diva

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Here I am again with the usual suspects: we’ll entertain you for a few Fridays with our duochromes. May the luck be with us when we take pictures, to capture the best colour shift!
In case you don’t know, a duochrome is a nail polish which has a reflection of one or more colours other than the base colour, depending on light and angle of the nails. It’s also called multichrome when the colour shift is really wide and/or strong.

I’m starting with YamamaY 10 Viola Diva, or Divas Purple (sorry, that’s how they wrote it). It’s from an Italian underwear brand which is recently expanding into the cosmetics market. There are some dedicated YamamaY Beauty stores, and regular stores stock a range of their cosmetics as well. Those nail polish bottles are 5 ml for € 1,90 so quite cheap I’d say; it looks like a price reduction as they were more expensive some time ago (around € 4 I think).
This is purple microglitter in a purple base, two coats for coverage. The colour shift to gold and warm tones is easily noticeable, but on a black base (ring finger) it gets even deeper showing green and blue. The only thing I didn’t really like is the thin brush because I prefer wider brushes, but this is actually a pro instead of a con for some people.
Enough said, on to the pictures (there’s a load!). As usual, links to my sisters in arms are at the bottom, but I take no responsibility if you end up with a huge wishlist (I know I will!) 😀







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