Updates on MUA’s Magnetic Nail Polish: it’s not the magnet, it’s the polish that doesn’t work well

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Hello and happy 2013!
My impressions of MUA’s magnetic nail polish were not that great to say the least, but I have some suggestions to save what we can.
First of all, I removed the glue from the back of the magnet. Be careful when doing this as the “metal” of the magnet is really soft and gets scratched easily, even by just using your own nails. I then used MUA’s magnetic nail polish to paint that side of the magnet so the zig zag would show. This way it’s much easier to place the magnet where you want it instead of just guessing.

I also tested the magnet with different brands of magnetic nail polish and I can say that it’s not MUA’s magnet, it’s the polish that sucks. On all the other brands I tried it left crisp lines, not blurry as those on Park Lane, and in less time as well. If you are still using MUA’s magnetic nail polish, I recommend magnetising for at least a minute per nail.

Compare MUA’s magnetic nail polish in Park Lane (first picture) with Essence’s Magnetic nail polish in Magic red carpet (second picture).



Conclusion: if you really have to get MUA’s, get it just for the magnet!

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