ABC challenge Z for Zig Zag (MUA Magnetic Nails Park Lane swatches and review)

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[Updated post at the bottom] Here we are, already at the end of the ABC challenge. Before showing you my Z for zig zag, I’d like to thank all the girls who participated on their blogs, the ones who commented and the ones who just read. I met some wonderful girls which have really improved my blogging experience and nail polish knowledge. Thank you. 🙂 However, don’t despair: we might be at the end of this challenge, but we’re already planning our comeback!

My letter Z is for zig zag: MUA recently released a collection of 6 magnetic nail polish, 3 with a zig zag magnet that they call “squiggle effect”, and 3 with a circles magnet. I took advantage of their 35% off+free shipping promotion and placed my first order, including Magnetic Nails Park Lane.
I could not find a swatch on their official blog (or anywhere else), but still I was interested in this zigzag magnet and the colour, which looked dark red. In reality it is more brown than red, tending to wine when magnetised.



It covers well in one coat and dries fast, but those are the only positive sides. It’s hard to work with magnets on the cap of the polish as you risk dripping or messing around; mine arrived with the magnet unglued from the cap (the glue is so thin i wonder if it stays in place in any bottle) but still, there is no indication of where in the magnet the design is so you cannot really place it on the nails precisely, you just have to guess where your zigzag will be. The magnet is not strong enough to leave crisp clear lines, but it looks like a moving spiral when the light angle on the nail changes, which is nice.
Overall I don’t like this polish; even if MUA isn’t high priced, I don’t think that’s a good excuse for low quality and carelessness. I would have never shown you this terrible manicure, if it wasn’t to warn you.

As I said, this is more a “see you soon” than a farewell, girls!

Update: I experimented some more with MUA’s magnetic nail polish and I have some considerations to add here.

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