China Glaze 451 FYI holographic: review and swatches

Vai al post in italiano Hi! Today I’d like to show you one of the China Glazes I recently bought at Intercharm Milan. It was a real bargain, only € 4! It’s number 451, FYI, a beige holo from their OMG! collection.

Pictures are two coats of FYI, no top coat. Artificial light doesn’t really do it justice:

China Glaze holographic 645 FYI swatch in artificial light

In direct sunlight you can really see the multicolour holographic hues:

China Glaze holographic 645 FYI swatch in sunlight

China Glaze holographic 645 FYI swatch in sunlight

I love this shade, it’s a natural beige so it’s perfect for the office but still it’s not plain and boring. I hate the brush though: it’s really thin and takes up very little nail polish. I didn’t put any topcoat on as it reduces the holographic effect, so the duration was quite short before I started to get tip wear. As with any holo, it’s best to buff and polish the nails to smooth their surface as it gives better shine; any ridge is more visible with FYI on. I had two base coats underneath, and still it managed to stain my nails a bit, so a good base coat is recommended.

Overall I’m satisfied with China Glaze’s FYI because I really like the shade and I don’t mind changing my polish often, but some of you might do, plus the brush is really terrible.

Do you like it? Would you wear it?

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