The Rainbow Ladies: Orange

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Orange doesn’t seem very popular among us Rainbow Ladies, according to today’s posts. Personally, I like orange nail polish instead and have no problems wearing it. In fact, one of my first bottles years ago was a bright orange by Pupa.
For the rainbow orange I chose Liabel nail polish, an obscure brand produced in a small town next to mine. Availability isn’t the best: I could find these only during “1 euro” promotional sales at local Auchan supermarkets. If the producer ever replies about stable sales channels I will let you know.

I used a coat of Liabel 7 days long 315, a creme red, and two thin coats of number 314, a shiny orange with glass flecks:




Only in full sunlight like in the pictures you can see a bit of VNL (visible nail line), otherwise it’s practically invisible. With a good top coat durability was excellent: I wore it for 4 full days which could have been more, since there was no chipping nor tipwear when I removed it. I’m really satisfied with this nail polish, even though I was not expecting much of it in the beginning.

A couple of service announcements before I finish the post: a couple of days ago I added a new header and some pages to the blog, including a partial list of the nail polishes I own. Please, snoop around :).
Also, I will be in Barcelona next week for the Cosmobelleza 2013 fair. I’ll have some time to visit the city (again) and do some shopping: anything I really cannot miss? Suggestions are very welcome!

That’s it for now, see you soon!

2 thoughts on “The Rainbow Ladies: Orange

  1. Misato-san

    uno dei motivi per cui non ho partecipato stavolta è proprio l’arancione… non ho neanche uno smalto di ‘sto colore, non me lo immagino neanche addosso… infatti guardo le tue unghie e su di te mi piace, ma su di me… non lo vedo 😀
    è un colore complicato mi sa ^^

    1. Valentina - Nail Polish Army

      Ti dirò, a me di base l’arancione piace, però riesco a portare quasi tutti i colori sulle unghie (se ne ho voglia in quel momento). Anche per i vestiti nell’ultimo anno ho ampliato la gamma cromatica rispetto ai miei sempre in voga neri, però lì si che ho ancora qualche problema con i marroni ad esempio. Portando poco un colore fatico ad abbinarlo al resto dei miei vestiti; per le unghie invece mi basta un dettaglio o un particolare e sono a posto.
      Concludendo: i colori portabili o no sono tutti nella nostra testa 😀


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