The Rainbow Ladies: Red

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Exactly a month ago, 17 December 2013, in a scheduled post I wrote that I wouldn’t be in front of the screen that day. The reason was: my graduation!
For the occasion I received not one but two Louboutin shoes, including these red patent-leather Louboutin Bianca I wore when discussing my final thesis at university. I usually like to match make-up and nail polish to my clothes, so how could I miss the opportunity to wear them with just the same colour on my nails?

At first I tried NYC In A Minute 228 Chelsea, which is the same red but has a different finish, pearly/shimmer. The real match made in heaven, the one I wore, is with Rimmel London Lycra Pro 391 Celebrity Bash.
I’ll leave you with some shots, and before you visit the other girls please notice the nervous application of the polish thanks to Trembling Hands and Exam Anxiety, faithful companions of my life in the days before the deadline! 😀







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